Learn How to Save 100k

Saving money is something that does not come easy to everyone.  For some people, money burns a hole in their pocket so fast it’s like it was never even there.  I will tell you about some of the conventional, and not so conventional ways I used to save my first 100k. Have a reason for […]

How to start the pooper scooper business, a complete guide

A business that does not require too much of investment and experience is always the safest and recommended way of starting your own business which otherwise is difficult to do due to the lack of knowledge. However, there is a job for people who are not scared of pets, especially dogs and don’t find them […]

Why you should always be looking to ask for a raise at your job

Asking our boss for something is not something that people want to do.  It’s awkward, you could get rejected and it makes everyone just a little uncomfortable.  But, it’s one of the most necessary things for you to do if you intend to keep improving your position and worth at a company.  Because those who […]