A business that does not require too much of investment and experience is always the safest and recommended way of starting your own business which otherwise is difficult to do due to the lack of knowledge. However, there is a job for people who are not scared of pets, especially dogs and don’t find them creepy for picking up their shit from the yard. Yes, you read that right, the pooper scooper business. It’s basically a job in which the scooper own a car and some necessary equipment for cleaning up the dog’s poop from the garden or the yard and then haul it away.

Getting from the description, it’s clear that this job and the business do not demand a degree or license from the local authorities to get started with it. This is due to the fact every other person loves dogs and is not scared of them even they’re roaming around with their owners or just clinging on to you while you pick up their poop. Also, it’s more like picking up any kind of the trash with the only difference being that trash can be easily cleaned by picking it from the entire area of the yard; however, the dog poop needs to be found out first and then picked up with the help of a scoop and a spade.

Why do people choose to become a pooper scooper?

Pet-caring services are usually kind and courteous towards their job because they deal with innocent animals that have no idea why they’re not being treated the same way as humans. Dogs, especially, are the human’s best friends. They stay with you even when everybody else refuses to do so and give a good company better than the so-called friends. This is why people choose to become a pooper scooper because they feel comfortable with picking up the dog shit and don’t consider as a job that doesn’t do justice wither apparently high caliber and standards of doing a job on a daily basis.

What is the startup cost and earning?

It is a profitable business if taken seriously and followed regularly because going home to home daily and spotting and picking up the dog’s poop asks for some seriousness as most people tend to lose the motivation for continuing the business considering the fact that it is also on the most convenient jobs in terms of gaining profit and also staying with pets whom you love the most. The per visit charges for poop cleaning is around $10-15 and the startup is also very less because only basic equipment is required to get started with the business.

How to start with the business?

As mentioned above, the pooper scooper business is not difficult to start. All you need is a little bit of knowledge from here and there and you’re all set to start it. However, there are certain things which have been systemized in the form of a step-by-step guide which will give a better understanding and idea of how to start a pooper scooper business.

  1. Gather knowledge or take training:

Knowledge for starting a basic pope scooper business can be gathered from the online platforms that are full of the video tutorials and guide for the same. Another thing that you can do is take special training for it from the services that have been in the field for quite a while and not offer training but some services also outsource their business. This is an easy way of starting the business because this way you’re everything ready beforehand and the least that you would have to do is make clients and schedule their dog poop cleaning.

  1. Buy the essential equipment:

The essentials required for starting a pooper scooper business are not that expensive and easy to find online as well as storefronts. These accessories for cleaning the dog poop also come in deals and packages which are relatively cheaper than buying separately.  Below is the list of some of the essential equipment required for a pooper scooper business.

  • A wooden scoop or dustpan for putting the poop.
  • A spade or a shovel to push the poop into the pan.
  • Lots of trash covers for throwing away the poop.
  • A trash bin which is specifically for this purpose.
  • A bleaching chemical to clean off the shoes and equipment from sand and dog poop.
  1. Get a vehicle:

You can either buy a vehicle of your own or rent it but buying is recommended because then you’d be able to write on it about your company that is one of the ways of advertising. Also, you’d need to dump the trash somewhere far from the home that is specially restricted to trash dumping. This is done on the client’s request otherwise you can dump in the nearest trash bin.

  1. Understand the important do’s and don’ts:

Before starting the business, it is important to understand the dos and don’ts that need to be followed. From not throwing the dog poop into someone else’s bin to treating the clinging dogs kindly, every little thing matters.

  1. Advertise:

Advertising is necessary if you wish to expand the business. Advertising can be done in numerous ways including:

  • Business cards.
  • Referral cards.
  • Car advertising.
  • Leaving your details with pet stores, veterinary, and other pet-related services such dog sitting etc.
  1. Create a business card:

A business card with your limited yet important information should be made before starting the business because then you’d be able to make new clients with your effective style of work and appropriate knowledge.

  1. Learn where to dump the trash:business card

Trash dumping is something that usually depends on the client’s demands. If the dog owner doesn’t have any problem with throwing it into the trash bin then fine but if they ask you to haul it away then consider as an order and do the same. For this purpose, you’ll need to look for places that have a restricted place for dog poop dumping for the sake of a hygienic environment.

The pooper scooper business is considered to one of the low-cost and no-investment business that is also time-friendly and also not very tiring because all you got to do is gather the courage to pick up someone else’s shit and haul it away while being considerate about hygiene and other related factors.