If you’ve been looking at those inspirational quotes by the high-end successful business people of not reaching it to the end of their educational degrees and still being able to make it to owning a business that is now famous all over the world, then hold it there. It is not necessarily possible to become this successful for a high-school drop out until and unless you strive hard to make it big in your related field. It requires sheer determination, motivation, and physical as well as mental struggle to be able to reach to the level of success that guarantees high-paying jobs.

If you’re someone who is not into starting a business of your own then a job is the only and best option left for you that can be applied for without having a degree or proper qualification for the same. However, it requires a bit of the research before you land on to a job that you later realize is not suitable for you and your interests. This is why it is important to do a survey of the best paying jobs that are not suitable in your interests but also guarantee a reliable profession which is helpful in making a living out of it.

Is it possible to get a job without the degree?                                        

To answer simply, yes. It is quite possible to get a job without a proper degree and experience as well. This is for the reason that there are a lot of the jobs that are relatively less-paying than the professional ones that have a mandatory requirement of a degree that too from a reputed organization. Therefore, companies who run a business that has services which can be performed by just giving training and the employee is all set to enter the professional field.

What is the average income of an employee without a degree?

The average income of an employee without a degree cannot be estimated as each job has its own specifications and requirements according to which he/she is paid a monthly amount for the efforts made. However, according to a recent study and ongoing surveys, an average income of the employee who works on a training basis and does not have any proper degree can earn from $40,000 to $90,000 per year. This is a handsome income for someone who also doesn’t have an experience in the professional field.

Top 5 best paying jobs

There are a lot of the jobs that pay a justified amount of salary to the employees who couldn’t make it to obtaining a degree for some reason or the other. If you are one of those, then take a look at these 5 jobs that are not only respectful but also guarantee a good salary/income for making a living.

  • Firefighter:firefighter

For acquiring a firefighter’s job, all you need to do is pass a written aptitude test and get training for dealing with the unfortunate fire accidents on an emergency basis. The job has different ranks which the employee keeps passing with the passage of time and gaining experience. The average income of a firefighter’s job is $50,000 and can be increased to at least $60,000 per year. This job is for those who are u for challenges and prefer a field job over the conventional office jobs because the life of a firefighter in the fire station is no less than a hurricane where they have to immediately move once fire or blast is reported in the nearest location.

  • Industrial supervisor:

The industrial supervisor is basically a kind of the manager who supervises all the field employees by not only managing their tasks but also taking care of their needs as well which include their personal issues, leave applications, and salary increment etc. As it is clearly evident from the description, this type of the job can be done by anybody who possesses leadership qualities and the confidence to manage a countless number of employees under him/her. The average income of a supervisor is around $50,000 per year.

  • Retail supermarket employee:

A retail supermarket employee can be anyone from the cashier to the salesperson and godown manager whose job is to deal with the stuff that is being loaded for the mart. Again, neither does being a cashier require a degree nor does a manager.  Both of these job posts are considered to be odd for some people but a great number of people are earning a handsome amount of money through it which is helping them in either paying for their education or looking after the family. The average income of a retail supermarket employee varies from the different job posts which start from $19,000 to approximately $30,000 per year.

  • Construction site manager:

construction siteThe construction site manager is someone who has to have a little knowledge of the construction field and the material to manage the site’s stability. From hiring labor for the site to deciding their salary and assigning them jobs, all of it is included in the package of a construction site manager. The average income for this job is around $30,000 to $50,000 based on the type of the job.

  • Sales engineer:

A sales engineer is different from a sales manager. While a sales manager is someone who manages the sales department of the company with the help of the owner by making important decisions in the company’s favor, a sales engineer is someone who reports to the manager by helping the company in getting more and more orders for the company’s business. The sales items can be anything from clothing to chemicals and machinery used in the manufacturing of different items. The average income of a sales engineer is around $50,000 to approximately $100,000 which is a quite a handsome amount for someone who doesn’t have a degree but just a bunch of useful knowledge required for the respective job.

These top 5 best paying jobs have been listed down on a general analysis with the help of the surveys that have been especially conducted to help unqualified people in getting a job for themselves that is enough for them to provide for themselves and their families.