Asking our boss for something is not something that people want to do.  It’s awkward, you could get rejected and it makes everyone just a little uncomfortable.  But, it’s one of the most necessary things for you to do if you intend to keep improving your position and worth at a company.  Because those who do not ask, do not receive.

There are a couple main reasons why people don’t want to ask their boss for a raise.

·         You don’t feel like you are worth it

Maybe you don’t feel like you work hard enough at your company and think that you aren’t actually worth the money that you are asking to be paid.  Well for one I wouldn’t think that you would be looking at this article if that were the case.  For the rest of us however, what you have to realize is that if this is a job that you are really working at and improving on then you are probably worth much more than you realize.  Once you start getting paid a higher salary you also do not think much of it.  You realize that it only motivates you to work harder and do an amazing job to help your company prosper so they can in turn make you more money in the future.

·         You think that you are going to get rejected

Asking your boss for money, just like in every other part of life, the thought of getting rejected is terrifying.  And as with anything else in life to really improve yourself you have to overcome your irrational fears.  What is the worst that your boss could do?  Say no?  He is not going to fire you, scold you, or cut your current salary in half.  To tell you the truth, even if he does happen to say no, you have actually put yourself in a better position for next time.

At my very first job I started out making $13.33 an hour and because I asked for raises and was working my butt off when I was there. I was able to bump up my pay in little over a year to $15 and now where it stands $20 an hour.  At certain special jobs I do I can be paid as high as 40 dollars an hour.  This is absolutely insane to me because I can’t think of a single person that I went to high school with who is currently earning more money than me per hour.  The reason that I am being paid this much is because that’s what I decided I was worth and I worked for it.  Now I realize what you’re going to say, “But most people work at companies that pay a certain flat wage and you can’t move up unless you are a manager or have worked there for a long time.”  This is completely true, if you decide to work for McDonalds, Starbucks, or Subway there is a good chance you are going to have a set wage that is pretty much non-negotiable.  This is just one of the reasons why I would advocate heavily for waiting out and looking for a job where you eat what you kill or at least getting close to that.  I also understand that this isn’t possible, in that, some people are forced to get jobs early and basically take any job that they can get.  I however was fortunate enough to be able to find this job which I think has saved me in the long run.

How to ask your boss for a raise

Plan out how you are going to ask him for a raise. 

·         Where are you going to ask him? 

·         What time are you going to ask him?

·         Are you going to plan a meeting with him or just go in when he has some free time? 

These are some of the first questions you should be thinking about.  Then you have to think about reasons why you deserve a raise.

·         What value do you bring to the company

·         How hard do you work

·         You wage compared to other people who have worked there before or after you

Lastly, offer your boss more value from you

Offer to take on more projects, start some new team that could grow the company or shoot out an idea for a new advertising program that will bring in a bunch of new customers.  These are just some of the ways that you could offer more value to your boss and your company and entice them to giving you a raise.  It would be an ideal world where you could just get a raise for doing a good job, but this is the real world and you have to make a lot more money to get any of the pie.