Unique ways you can use to save money every month

Saving money is the biggest necessity of the present age. There are many individuals that are suffering from financial issues despite having a reasonable income. The reason is that they do not have the habit of saving money. If it is hard for you to save a huge amount of money every month do not worry. There are some unique ways that will help you save a decent amount of money and you will not even notice.

Stop using ATM

With the increase in crime rate, most of the people avoid carrying cash. We all know that it is hard, and you will be stressed all the time. This is the reason ATM seems like a reliable option. You will not have to worry about losing your hard earned money. However, it would be a better option that you stop using ATM. For every transaction, you have to pay $20. So it will help you save $100 to $200 if you will stop using the ATM machine. It is a better option that you keep some of the cash at home and only take the amount that you need. It will protect you from becoming a spendthrift.

Get your haircut at the beauty school

Men mostly like to have a haircut every month so they can maintain their hairstyle. However, beauty salons are very expensive because for a minor trim you will have to pay a lot of money. Instead, if you live near the beauty school it would be a better option that you go there. Most of the students are highly trained and you have to volunteer yourself to allow them to practice their skills. In return, you will get the best haircut at a discounted rate. 

Take shorter shower

Most of the time we like to spend a lot of time in the shower. The reason is that we like to relax under the hot or cold water according to the temperature outside. However, it is better that you start taking shorter showers because you can save money in following ways.

·         It will help you save a decent amount of money on the water bills

·         You will use less electricity in the bathroom that will help you save a few dollars on your electricity bills

·         When you will take a long bath it will remove all the oil from your body. So you will have to use a moisturizer. When you will take short baths the oil will be automatically recovered and so will not have to spend a lot of money on the beauty products.

Do not use shaving cream

Commonly men use shaving creams to assure that they will not cut their skin while shaving. However, there are other cost-effective products that can produce the same greasing effect and you will not have to waste money on the shaving cream. You can use soap or a conditioner. Most of the people have claimed that soap has a better effect as compared to shaving cream. As well as it will provide you the chance to protect your skin from the harmful chemicals of shaving creams.

Share online accountdollars

There are many individuals that are interested in watching Netflix. There are many other online services for which you will have to pay. A better option would be to share accounts. You can share the account with your group of friends and divide the monthly expenses of the package. In this way, you will not have to pay a huge amount of money every month. You will get the chance to watch all your favorite shows at the most affordable rate. Do not make the mistake of paying the bill unless you have collected the share of all your friends. The reason is that once they know you are paying they might not give you your share.

Do not buy books, visit a library

Book lovers are everywhere. Most of the people love to collect books. However, we all know that buying original books can be expensive. Instead, if you have a library in your town you should use your library card. With the help of the internet, you can even access the online library and read all your favorite books. There is no need to pay for books when you can have them free. In case you do not have a library it is a better option that you buy the second-hand books. In this way, you will not have to pay the price of an original book.

Stay home

A common mistake most of the people make is they like to spend time outside. They take their family to restaurants every weekend. It is good but a better option is to take your family out for dinner or movie once a month. Assure that you spend most of the time with your kids at home. Play different games and listen to their unique stories because it is important for bonding with the children. If you want you can take them to a park or zoo because that would be beneficial for your kids.

Make your coffee at home or office

Most of the people are addicted to coffee and they cannot start their day without it. If you want your morning coffee, start making it at your home. In case you do not have the time for it a better option would be to make a cup in office. In most of the offices, employees get free coffee.

Use coupons wisely 

  cash money

If you have collected several coupons it is important that you use them wisely. You can buy a major item with the discount that you can get from coupons. It will help you save a decent amount of money.

These might seem like a small amount. However, when you will perform all these tasks at the same time you will notice that it will help you save a decent amount of money. So start saving for a better future.