How to get started with social media marketing?

Social media platforms can do wonders for your business. Used properly, they can help generate more leads, customers and you can obtain a stellar return on investment. However, setting up the right profiles and creating comprehensive social media marketing campaigns can be a bit overwhelming. So, how can you get started with social media marketing? Here are some quick tips to help you get started right away!

Understand your business objectives

What do you want to accomplish with your social media presence? Do you want to better understand your customers, share your offers a lot easier or maybe gain traffic to your website? Based on that you will be able to figure out what social media marketing approach you have to use. This will also help you understand what social platform works for you and whether it’s worth using or not.

Select the right platform

Don’t try to create a profile on each social media website. The idea here is that you need to be very selective. Pick 1-2 sites to start with, and then you can scale your efforts. But make sure that all the posts you create are delivering value and quality. The last thing you want is to bring in low quality, as people will distance themselves from you.

See what your audience wants

In order to do that, try to opt for a trial and error approach. The idea here is to try out a variety of content types. Based on the number of likes, comments, and favorites, you will see what strategy works for you and which one doesn’t.

We recommend you to create articles, share pictures, even memes, videos and everything you can to connect with your audience. Ideally, you want people to gain more value from your insight, so try to consider that.

Consistency is key

Be consistent, however you should always put quality over quantity. It’s better to deliver valuable content from time to time instead of just posting for the sake of it. Having a memorable social media handle will also help you quite a lot.

Create a social media team

You can either post content on your own, or you can delegate these tasks to your employees. This is handy, as it helps you get a variety of ideas from your team. You will figure out the right pacing as you go along.

Schedule posts

Avoid overburning yourself with creating posts. You can create multiple posts at once and schedule them as you go along. You can even use social media management tools like HootSuite to manage your entire social media presence and even post on multiple social sites if needed.

Other important social media marketing tips:

  • Be authentic and original. Avoid copying content. You can curate content, but the last thing you want is to copy-paste something.
  • Mix your content offerings.
  • Share your social profiles everywhere you can, especially in your emails or any other mediums like that.
  • Try out new things all the time. You never know what works for your business until you try it.
  • Pay attention to analytics and manage your social presence as you go along.

In conclusion, getting started with social media marketing is not as hard as you would imagine. There are always challenges to have in front of you and results will be more than ok. It’s certainly worth the effort, and it’s not that expensive to start and manage your social presence either. Try and give it a shot, you will see that the outcome can be quite astonishing for your busine